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Dear Adobe:

I\'ve struggled to installed your product Air on my Windows 7 PC (64bit) since purchasing \"The Final Hours of Titanfall\" app through the EAOrigin store a 2-3 months ago. No matter which of the recommended methods or solutions I read on your website, the now infamous and long standing Air install errors, such as: Need Admin Privileges and/or Contact Your System Administer continue to be a problem, impeding a user\'s ability to view the media content that requires your software. It\'s been an endlessly frustrating journey with this product and from here on forward it will be known as hotAir™. And by the way, you folks have any idea as to the number of lost opportunities Air\'s install issues have missed? I would imagine if you had, this would have been addressed & fixed a long time ago..

is filed under ‘AIR CS5

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