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Dear Adobe:

How about implementing wheel scrolling for the Fireworks panels? Clicking and dragging is a drag.

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Adobe says:

In Fireworks CS4, we added the ability to scroll using the mouse wheel in most of our panels, although in some you must have a selection before you can scroll, while in still others, you cannot use the mouse wheel to scroll (Shapes, Styles). This is still a work in progress, though we feel like we made this work for the most important panels first. Another nice workflow improvement in this area that we find not a lot of people have discovered is that there are new Contextual menus in the Pages, States and Layers panel, so theres no longer a need to access menu items from the panel menu in the top right icon of the panel. Just Right/Control-click on e.g., a layer in the Layers panel, and choose the menu item that you want.

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